In 2003 I got a yearly scholarship of Culture Advisor of Principality Liechtenstein. So I got the chance to work one year long just on my art works and to travail & exhibit which was a part of developing of my own artistic knowhow/knowledge! I staid for a short time in Germany: Cologne + Berlin. In Berlin I participated in one group exhibition. After that I staid in F-Grenoble, HR-Zagreb and in Plovdiv & Sofia, Bulgaria. In Sofia I participated in a graphic design group exhibition organized by Lessedra and mr. Georgi Kolev. Here bellow in this gallery you can see the opening of my exhibition in 2004 in Atelier 11, FL-Triesen. Exhibition was moderated by Markus Krüger, opened by his excellence dr. Mladen Andrlić, at this time ambassador of 



Republic Croatia in Switzerland. Hansjörg Frommelt from Culture Advisor hold the speech about my scholarship. About my fine art made in the time of the scholarship told the art and literature critic and publisher Al' Leu from Zurich. My dear godson Jaime Glen Matos de Cuhna,  today one of JAS-CRWs plaid on the guitar a few music intermezzos... 

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