I am one of seven special invited artists/graphic designers to participate from 1.-7.10.2016 in a group show in Simhon Gallery, Jeju Island, S.Korea. This group show is called UDA Medaillons and I am since early 2015 one of international members of UDA director board.  


My travailing to Korea is possible because of financial supporting by one Foundation in the Principality of Liechtenstein as also privates. For this friendly gestures I am very much thankful. I thank as well Liechtenstein National Museum and my lovely colleagues there for getting me free time for actions like this where I don't promote just myself but also always a little part of Liechtensteins art scene. 

A very special thanks to info media who already informed about my participation (after Liechtensteiner Volksblatt there were until now as I know Hrvatska Matica Iseljenika and radio Voice of Croatia. Thanks very much to my wife Rajka Poljak and all other good meaning friends who wished me luck... Here on this site you can follow my experiences in Korea. If you like what I do so, promote please this my site where ever you can and so much as you like... I'll be thankful also for your possible comment down here on the site!   


Here two photos from CDG airport in Paris and two PVG airport in Shanghai... 


My participation and our exhibition were also promoted via newsletters from two LinkedIn groups and my friend, author and artist colleague Stan Lafleur from Cologne in Germany. Here his article in german! I am very much thankful.   


Two and a half hours later then planed the plan started in Shanghai and landed in Jeju-si. From there I drew maybe just 10 minutes with a taxi to the hotel Amourex where I staid in the room nr. 317 in complex B.


In the lobby I met first two lovely Americans: Jennifer McKnight, Associate Prof. of Art & Art History - Graphic Design at the UMSL University of Missouri - St.Louis with her husband Erich Vieth.  


There came later also Prof.Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi, Prof. Zhao Zhiyong, vice dean at the Fine Arts College at the Shanghai Normal University. Exactly there I met him from the first time in 2014. Look at here please!   

On the end there were also Joachim Müller-Lancé, Roy Kim and Jangyong Shon as also few students who hosted us. Jangyong and Roy organized this meeting and exhibitions. We welcomed to dinner in one little restaurant on the beach. I liked the food

1.10.2016 - Opening day

Here bellow you see my six posters I designed for the exhibitions in Jeju. The title of the first one is BAD DIRECTION and is a part of exhibition 8th UNITED DESIGNS. Next five posters are a part of exhibition called UDA MEDALLIONS. It would be really nice to know what do you think about them? Please use the possibility bellow the posters to write your meaning. I'll appreciate it very, very much. Thanks in advance... 


On this day we had opening of two exhibitions. First in Yeon and than in Simhon Gallery. Prof. Choi and Shon from the organizations team welcomed the guests & participants in the Yeon gallery and after that Joachim, Jennifer and me were invited to introduce ourselves and our work. After that we moved to next gallery. Here you see photos shot at the opening ceremonies.


YEON Gallery

SIMHON Gallery


After opening of exhibitions, next day we were invited to visit a very interesting and original museum showing us history of living, working, education, agriculture in that part of S.Korea... And of course, the kitchen and food in one country is of course one of basing, fundamental culture. Here bellow my photo documentation about...     

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