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Rückblick 2017
deutsch · 30. Dezember 2017
Vlado Franjevićs Teilnahmen an internationalen Ausstellungen und anderen künstlerisch-kreativen Aktivitäten im Jahre 2017.

english · 29. Dezember 2014
Also in 2014 was Vlado Franjević very much active! He was the initiator of the building of the SPIRAL-CHANNELS Support Association, he participated in poster exhibition 7th UNITED DESIGNS and was a keynote speaker in 3rd Global Visual Culture Symposium in Shanghai, China, he read his poetry in Zagreb, Zagreb, lead and presented the SPIRAL-CHANNELS project "Explain this World" in Zagreb and together with his wife Rajka Poljak participated in an Event in Karlsruhe, Germany and in 1st Alexandria...