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english · 28. Februar 2015
On the Webseite of United Designs Alliance (UDA) we can find following informations about the Alliance and its goals and vision: „United Design Alliance (UDA) is a Global Alliance of Visual Communication Design educators, practitioners and students. UDA established as an international design exhibition since year 2004. The exhibition seeks to establish an international visual communication design and education network, and to understand distinctive design collections and exchange ideas on...

hrvatski · 22. Januar 2015
hrvatski · 22. Januar 2015
Ovdje tri nastavka prijevoda iz Lihtenštajnskog dnevnog lista "Liechtensteiner Volksblatt" koji je bio glavni medijski pokrovitelj nastupa Vlade Franjevića u Kini, prosinac 2014.

english · 29. Dezember 2014
Also in 2014 was Vlado Franjević very much active! He was the initiator of the building of the SPIRAL-CHANNELS Support Association, he participated in poster exhibition 7th UNITED DESIGNS and was a keynote speaker in 3rd Global Visual Culture Symposium in Shanghai, China, he read his poetry in Zagreb, Zagreb, lead and presented the SPIRAL-CHANNELS project "Explain this World" in Zagreb and together with his wife Rajka Poljak participated in an Event in Karlsruhe, Germany and in 1st Alexandria...

english · 30. Dezember 2008
Vlado Franjević participated in summer #2008 in 3rd (BIAB) #Beijing international #ArtBiennale with artwork „29 positions“ to given theme „Colors and #Olympia“. This participation was supported by #Liechtenstein culture Foundation, Foundation Guido Feger, Centrum and #LGT #Bank... Vlado is grateful very much!