SPIRAL CHANNELS - an artistic, interdisciplinary work in progress concept by Vlado Franjević. A concept with the international and intercultural character


Up now You find everything about this Project HERE on this site! Thanks


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    Angeles Spinoza (Donnerstag, 08 Dezember 2016 16:11)


    I just knew about spiral channels project, I would love to participate. I am an emerging mexican artist, and I would like to know more about you and the project; I really like your job, you can see mine in my profile at virtualgallery.com:

    Best regards!!!

    Angeles Spinoza

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    Vlado Franjevics SPIRTAL-CHANNELS project (Donnerstag, 08 Dezember 2016 20:38)

    dear Angeles, thank you so much for your interest and comment which means lot to me! hm, how ever, I am very much sorry because at the moment I have unfortunately no time to discuss every single question I get every day from different colleagues all over the world. everything you should know about me as an artist you can find without any problem here on my site with very rich informations... same is also with the SPIRAL-CHANNEL project. please be nice, take a little bit time and follow informations on the project site. it's a very complex story... btw. maybe you could participate already soon in the project with in a very simple way. follow my instruction here please http://www.spiral-channels.net/ch-chaos2017/ thanks one more time for your attention and interest. wishing you all the best. take care...