Artserie "sacral-astral I-IV", is now (may 2016) the newest group of small sized artworks I finished. Here you see  23x32 cm big pieces papers with a nice structure. Art process is here very interesting and very special. In my home in Liechtenstein every time wenn I printed digital contributions I got from my international artist colleagues, participants in SPIRAL-CHANNELS project in Odonien, Cologne, Germany 2016 I used transparent furnish for fixing the pigments on textil pieces. After this process, some pigments I found on the papers you see here... So I got very interesting backgrounds. These papers I took with me to the UAE where I participated in the 1st UAE Art Biennial. There I painted on it with acrylic color. Today, on the 5th may 2016 I signed my artworks... This working process had a duration of app. four months and I was influenced from visual messages (images) I got from my international artist colleagues and then also from a totally new and creative energy in one "other world" in a group of most creative people, artist colleagues who came from different cultures and finished art schools in different countries and cities!  


Mixed media (collages + acrylic + transparent varnish on colorful cardboard) made at the beginning of January 2016! Size of every piece: 49,5x68 cm  

Mixed media (black pastel + acrylic + transparent varnish on cardboard. This is a part of one bigger cycle made in the time of artists yearly scholarship 2003. Some of these pieces were exhibited in the 3rd BIAB, Beijing 2008.

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