Fine Artists and Creatives Vlado Franjević and Franjo Matešin in summer 2009
Fine Artists and Creatives Vlado Franjević and Franjo Matešin in summer 2009

I'm fascinated of this idea and want know what do You think about? Can we make together a better, more creative, more artistic and communicative world? I think, we can do that? What about I would like to tell you and what is to do? 


One of my very best friends in Croatia and fine artist which I realy very much respect for his creative power and ideas is the owner of the place where we could build some kind of an international summer academy or artist colony. 


Franjo, an excellent and high educated painter is the owner of one gallery, one amphitheater and a lot of green ground around where we can work, exhibit and lead workshops.


The touristic farm SALAJ in next village is in its kind of small busenisses one of the most famous in Croatia. There is for example a lot of outdoor place in a wonderful nature for leading of the sculpture / installation workshops, shows and creative education. With the playing guitars and bluesharps by fire in the nights... 


Matešin have expiriences with thousends of guests and tourists which came in last few years viseted his gallery


- Participants/guests could be accomodated in Čazma, or maybe in the hotel in Bjelovar.


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is placed approximatly 60 km from the place where we should work. That means, there are possibilities for daily visits of the biggest Croatian culture centres, museums etc.



  • Seriously interested people...


Let's talk / discuss first about everything here on this site, and after that, let's do a big thing! Thank You so much for Your attention and sharing of this idea... Sincerely Yours,



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    paikya (Samstag, 04 Dezember 2010 13:58)

    well i think its a good ideaandi also believe that any kind of art can make a better wish u a lot of succes...kindly regards paikya

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    Kathleen McHugh (Samstag, 18 Dezember 2010 18:58)

    I am very interested in your initiative and would love to help brainstorm and make connections.

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    Vlado Franjević (Sonntag, 19 Dezember 2010 13:00)

    dear Kathleen McHugh,
    thank you so much for your interest. please be so nice and wait for a moment... my friends in croatia works now and will work untill the end of january next year on the first/primary step: building an artist union... after that we'll make a programm and you'll hear from us. one more time, thank you so much

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    Vlado Franjević (Sonntag, 19 Dezember 2010 13:14)

    I thank very much to Marie Kazalia for her wonderful support

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    Sue Thompson (Donnerstag, 03 März 2011)

    I very much like your idea & would be very interested in doing a photographic workshop. I also can teach painting, drawing & sculpture. You may contact me direct at by IM or email. Also I am available on skype at suethompson_peace
    Good Luck. Much Love & PEACE from Florida. Oh, please check out the Global Peace Rally on facebook & join us.