Interview with George Karahalios

Vlado: Who is George Karahalios? What is his lifestyle and life philosophie?


George: My grandfather was born in New York City and moved to Greece in 1918. I was born and raised in Athens. Studied film & television in Greece, the US and the UK, then in Human Sciences (Mass Media Sociology) and received my Ph.D with my thesis into ‘Journalistic practice and pressure group advocacy within Mass Media'. I have no lifestyle; I make a living by creating other people's life styles, to make a joke here. Lets say that I live on other people's vanity...I rent one yacht and they pay me for 100... I handle a global marketing communications campaign and they pay me for one year, while my work can be 8-10 hours... Life philosophy? I learned a lot about death practice in all the war fields I covered for television news during the 90s thus the fact that I'm still alive today is more than a philosophy to me; It's a blessing.


Vlado: Have You ever been in Croatia? What is Croatia to You?


George I happened to meet a woman who was a manager to some superb basketball players and she invited me for a coffee in Zagreb. Croatia is probably one of the most attractive corners of Europe with picturesque places like Dubrovnic, Istria, Zadar... Croatia is a must.


Vlado: How do You see its future position in Balkan, Meditaerane, Europe?


George: Croatia is a very small country. The European family is not crazy about ‘small brothers‘ (never was) and therefore I see a long journey of this country in the complexities of the international political & financial arena, that sooner or later will persuade the Croatians to act as global citizens and not as a national entity. I'm afraid that this journey might take long as nationalistic issues in this fine piece of land are still developing the ‘internal affairs‘ agenda instead of focusing in the warmth and tallent of its people, whom I admire a lot.


Vlado: What about Croatian and Greek football?


George: Sorry but football is not in my agenda. How about a game of chess?


Vlado: What do You think about politic, culture, social situation on the globe at the moment?


George: I'm a member of the Socialist Party of Greece and a socialist at heart; I love people everywhere on earth. Globalisation was just another invention of our dear Americans in order to sell their products & services. Now the US is 60 trillion dollars short because of this ambitious plan. International society is closer than ever before and it is about time to give a lesson to some farmers from Texas. I just can't accept how countries play the role of the servant to such ruthless regimes. All we need is peace, communication & exchange. Humanity requires humans, not animals.

Vlado: Can You say something about good and bad develope of online networking? Your position, Your wish and dream about!


George: Online networking is a tool, and like all tools, its value depends on who uses it and how. I am the most connected Greek but my connections do not bring me a glass of water when I wake up with nightmares from Bagdad, from Rwanda, from Sarajevo, from Nagorno Karabach. I adore Americans because they invented the internet. This will kill them.

Vlado: You're very active in the moment in one humanitarian organisation. Please tell me about it!


George: Kathaluwa village in the southern part of Sri Lanka. A woman there, called Sharmini Mathew got in touch with me and after a few months I decided to get involved and help some of this sorrow that the tsunami brought to people there. So, within two months a learning centre has been built , and I also have formed a group to support this initiative on facebook for raising awareness and money. I welcome your readers to participate: My wish is to help as many people as possible and the smiles of the children in Kathaluwa give me courage to continue with passion.


Vlado: Next year You'll lead a meeting in Liechtenstein I think... What about that exactly?


George: After the summer of 2008, and if I'm still alive.., I will move the headquarters of my business group in Liechtenstein. Nothing special really. I will do this just because I like small things in life, and also because Vlado lives there. Especially his painting ‘Stay With Me‘ contains the essence of my life and I hope this great piece of art will one day be a part of my group's flags.

Vlado: Have You something special to say to the world, or Croatian public?


George: I wish the Croatian people to see through times and go to the future faster. They deserve it more than others.


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