Impressions from Beijing

I participated in the summer 2008 in 3rd Beijing international Art Biennale with my artwork „29 positions“ to the theme „Colors and Olympia“. This participation was supported by the Liechtenstein cultural Foundation, Foundation Guido Feger, Centrum Bank and the LGT Bank. I feel honored get the chance to participate at a so great art event.

Beijing Biennale has been prepared for two years, it has sent out the request to more than 100 countries, and received nearly 10,000 materials from all over the world. And more than 700 artworks created by 600 artists from 81 countries were selected and was exhibited in Beijing. All this works were shown in National Art Museum of China and Exhibition Hall of Central Academy of Fine Arts, in addition to the Theme Exhibition of Beijing Biennale, there were simultaneously the Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Great Britain, Norway, Mexico and International Prints etc.

Accommodation of all foreign participating artists was in the central convenient 5 stars Beijing hotel so that all of them met daily and exchanged at least when eating or in the evening, after arduous working days. That was for the advancement of the networks and the exchange an enormous meaning.

The host strove to arrange the stay of the artists from all over the world as interesting as possible, then were organized also visits of the monumental Chinese Great Wall and Forbidden City.

The most participating artists was not allowed to escape to visit the well-known artist district 798 with innumerable galleries and artist studios. Thus they went there and let themselves inspire from the seen. Some of them tried to make contacts to galleries wich represent also the foreign artists. 

I came already two days before the opening of the Biennale to Beijing and was friendly recieved from Miss Lucy Han, the Gallerist of the Soemo gallery. So I had the possibility to visit the studios of many domestic artists in a Beijings suburb which lies in the Thong Zhou District and is about more than 15 kilometers of the City centre.

The enormous accumulation of the creative energy which I felt in this place, induced me to paint my three acrylic pictures in the studio of the Artist Zhang Lun.


I'm very happy to announce that also KUL, only one monthly culture magazine we have in Liechtenstein, published on 



FB - Album Nr. 1 & FB - Album Br.2 

20.7.2008 a short story about my partitipation in 3rd beijing international art biennale! On the photo in this art magazine are to see also my American artist colleagues Devin and Dana, short before the opening ceremony in front Chinese National Art Museum.

Read here please some discussions/comments from Facebook:
Cristina Andersson: Congratulations! This is wonderful news. Hugs, Cristina
thank you very, very much my dear Cristina, greetings and all the best to you
Pascoli Edouard
My Most Sincere Congratulations as well Vlado. I Hope it works all well and that You Gain Experience, Visibility and Fun from this International Event. Let us know how it went! Edouard
Vlado Franjevic
Dear Edouard, thank you so much... I've a good feeling! Wenn I'm back, I'll be glad to inform you about my expiriences! Greeetings
Lutetia Bresciani
Fantastic Vlado. I'm so happy for you. All the best Vlado, and hope to learn more news soon.
Vlado Franjevic
Dear AA, it's great to have friends like you all here are! :-) Thank you very, very much for your wishes and power
Essam Abu Awad
Every step is counted. Your horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of success, progress and prosperity
Vlado Franjevic
dear Essam, am blessed to be in Beijing and meet so many new friends there!
Lutetia Bresciani
Vlado, I'm so proud of your achievements - may 2009 present you with more. Warmest
Vlado Franjevic
thank you so much my dear friend! all the best to you
Dana Al-Basha
wow this is amazing vlado :) i am sure you had a great time, and you made such a great art as well :) i envy you coz u went to china :)
Vlado Franjevic
Dear Dana, that was a really good time for me. I had a fun, I worked as crazy, met wonderful people from all over the world, found new friends for a life, learned lot. One can't get more for sure! Am a little bit sad because I can't travail in august again to Beijing where I participate in one bigger art show then this biennale now was... I talk about OLYMPIA FINE ART! 
Dana Al-Basha
wow!!!!!! you should reallllllyyyyy go!!! you gotta try to make it!! it is a big deal!!!
Cristina Andersson
Thank you for sharing! This is wonderful and I am truly happy for you!!!! Way to go! The world is yours Love... Cristina 
Vlado Franjevic
my dear friends I thank you very, very much for this kind words and giving me your positive minds and best wishes! yes Dana, nothing is still lost, I give never up :-) hope to find a way to go one more time there...
i am sure you will find a way my smart friend :) take care
Sevgi Ürüm
Vlado Franjevic
dear Sevgi, thank you very, very much for your congrats! With the positive energy which you send me, I can do always better! THANKS
Dale Calder
My very warmest congratulations to you Vlado .. your paintings look stunning and I am so happy for what you have accomplished .. and .. you will get back. I know it.
Thank you for updating us all with this most informative account. Dale
Kirill Konin
mamma mia, and why didnt you stop by in Tokyo?
Pascoli Edouard
Congratulations Vlado. I'm Happy for You:-D!
Lutetia Bresciani
Again, as I've said in the previous note - I'm proud of your achievements Vlado, and wish you more 2009 onwards. All the best, my dear friend,
Alex Kassandrinos
Congratulations Vlado
Vlado Franjevic
Dear Dale, Kirill, Edouard, AA and Alex, thanks so much for your friendly words!
Lutetia Bresciani
Vlado, What were you thoughts on that red couch with the two beautiful roses? You have such a mischievous grin :-))
Vlado Franjevic
Hahahaha! Nothing "special"! I was just happy! :)
Javed Alam
Vlado Seems you had a nice trip. Nice pictures. Thanks
Vlado Franjevic
dear Javed, you are most welcome! yes, I had really anice trip and met a lot of good and creative people from all over the world! it makes me all time very happy!
Ceris Dien
Just Wow!
Vlado Franjevic
Ceris, are you ok? :-) What, woow? :-)
Ceris Dien
I am well thank you Vlado, and wow is just woooow !! You went to China, you walked on the Great Wall, you are an International Artist, and you're my friend - how wow can you get?? x :-)
Vlado Franjevic
heheh! dear Ceris, good to know that we both are very well!
Winser Zhao
Hey,Vlado. nice and great works. am near Nanluoguxiang. you can come and take a look at the old hutong in Beijing. i bet you will like it here.and i believe you will get some inspire for your art. when will you back.too sorry that you cant travel in Beijing during Aug
Best... Winser
Vlado Franjevic
Dear Winser, thank you so much for your kindly words! Oh, I will look for some possibilities to come later. Maybe stay a longer time and paint much more then last time! All the best, take a good care
Lutetia Bresciani
Vlado, now you have enough collaterals to start your professional profile - vlado.info ? Great work! Really proud of you.
Winser Zhao
great work. Vlado. did i recommend a great Hutong to you before? the Nanluoguxiang. a good place to have a drink,and take a look of the old buildings and old hutongs.
let me know if you interested... Winser 
Stephan Schweiger
Freut mich für dich Vlado! weiter so...
Vlado Franjevic
Lieber Stefan, vielen Dank...

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