english · 09. November 2020
Vlado Franjević, born in Croatia + living in Principality Liechtenstein participate in 2nd EIPF (Emirates International Poster Festival in Dubai.

english · 29. Oktober 2020
Welcome to leave your message to this artwork and participate in one special work in progress! If everything is going to be good, final product could be a collection of short stories, novels, explanations, messages! Thank you

english · 19. April 2018
Sometimes I get phone calls which surprise me very much... Like this one from my friend I met for the first time in Jordan 2006 :) After that we met never anymore in the reality...

english · 09. Februar 2018
Vlado Franjević from Principality of Liechtenstein, one of executive directors of United Designs Alliance and curator of 9th United Designs poster exhibition in Liechtenstein National Museum in 2017 ask you cordially to send your contrtibutions to next UDA exhibitions... If you're interested find here all relevant informations. Wishing you all the best...

english · 05. Dezember 2017
Vlado Franjević from Principality of Liechtenstein was invited in person by the Dean of the College of Art and Design at the American University in Dubai, and international collaborator Prof.Dr. Arafat al-Naim to be an unofficial representative of Liechtenstein art scene in this context.

english · 30. November 2017
A short story about the beginning of friendship between Vlado and a lovely Chinese couple after meeting in Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein. They met at Vlado's workplace in Liechtenstein Postal Museum...

english · 05. September 2017
Vlado Franjevic presents the "KSisters"!

english · 29. Dezember 2016
My international participations were made possible by the friendly sponsorship of Liechtenstein Culture Foundation, Foundation Kommerzienrat Guido Feger and private personalities. Thank you very much for this generosity! I would also like to thank all institutions and private individuals who seem to appreciate my work and artistic personality, and therefore invited me to great events, or gave me free spaces for the exhibitions. I would also like to thank the domestic and foreign press and other...

english · 19. Oktober 2016
Dear ladies and gents... We all know, these are lot of very sad stories which we get to know from all over the world... Every single day from every possible site we are bombed with stupidness and bad news! No one human being can really absorb all sadness of this world... And with best wishes we can do just a little... Very, very little... Because the nearest to the top of the Pyramid let us to be sure: a) we can make nothing; b) killing the life on the earth is good! Here I want to tell you one...

english · 08. November 2015
Love to show you here a few images I made today in centre of Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein. Here I work partially in Liechtenstein National Museum since 2003. Today we had here unbelievable nice and worm day for this part of the year... I head lunch break and during this break I made following photos with the hope you'll like and show them maybe to your family and friends... Thanks so much and welcome to Vaduz, btw. Liechtenstein! Please scroll down and watch few more lovely photos I...

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