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english · 19. Oktober 2016
Dear ladies and gents... We all know, these are lot of very sad stories which we get to know from all over the world... Every single day from every possible site we are bombed with stupidness and bad news! No one human being can really absorb all sadness of this world... And with best wishes we can do just a little... Very, very little... Because the nearest to the top of the Pyramid let us to be sure: a) we can make nothing; b) killing the life on the earth is good! Here I want to tell you one...

deutsch · 17. November 2015
Hier die Auszüge einer Korrespondenz die ich am 17.11.2015 mit einem Künstlerkollege aus Deutschland geführt habe! Das Thema geht uns alle an und nicht nur die Künstler!