Participation in poster exhibition BOM, organized by VIDAK. (Visual Information Design Association of Korea) in Sung Nam city, Gachon University, Vision Center Gallery.

Participation in two exhibitions in Jeju-si: 8th (UD) United Designs - International poster exhibition and (UDA) United Designs Alliance Medaillons. 

Participation in 7th UD exhibition with the speech in the frame of 3rd (GVCS) Global Visual Culture Symposium in Shanghai (SHNU) Normal University. 


I participated in 3rd International Fine Art Biennale (BIAB) in China.


Participation in the international exposition "South Pole" in Kyrgizstan.

I was one of five official representatives of Principality Liechtenstein in culture exchange Liechtenstein : Sultanat Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2002 and Vaduz 2003.