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Herzlich willkommen! Danke für Ihre Zeit und Interesse an meiner Kunst! Das hier sind nicht die einzigen Werke die verkäuflich sind. Nehmen Sie mit mir darum bitte Kontakt auf. Danke sehr.

Welcome! Thank you for your time and interest in buying my artworks! Here are not all of my free to sale artworks... Feel free to contact me to receive more infos. Thanks




with the artist signature! Motifs of four original artworks were printed on special paper, every in 100 Expl. Price you see here is just for one Expl. If you take 4 pieces with different motifs you get price reduction...


30,00 €

170,00 €

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Alle hier oben beigefügte Kunstwerke stehen ebenfalls frei zu kaufen. Bitte treten Sie mit mir in Kontakt auf, fragen Sie nach Preise oder nach Termin wann Sie diese Werke bei mir im Fürstentum Liechtenstein live anschauen möchten... Melden Sie sich auch bei weiteren Fragen die mit dem Thema zu tun haben... Danke im Voraus.

All artworks you see here above are free to buy. Please feel free to contact me, ask me for price or making a date in my art studio in the Principality of Liechtenstein to see my artworks live... Also if you have any other question in connection to my artworks, please don't hesitate to contact me... Thanks in advance.


Original #paintings on canvas. Abstract figuration. 


2011, Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100 cm. 


Price of each of these Paintings is sFr. 3.550.- 

450,00 €

3.550,00 €

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SIGN(S) 2003

These are in all 53 pieces for sale (acrylic and transparent furnish on cardboard with the size of 29,5 x 45 cm and without frames). I made in 2003, in all, 99 original pieces in same work serie. At the time of my scholarship I got from the culture adviser of the Princely Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Few from these artworks were later bought by the culture foundation of the Principality of Liechtenstein. 


The price you see here is for one original artwork! If you would like have all pieces from same collection, I can give you maybe a bit better price! Thanks. 


10,00 €

260,00 €

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  • #1

    Vlado Franjević (Samstag, 29 Dezember 2012 19:29)

    Herzlich willkommen auf dieser Seite. Danke dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben und dass Sie interessiert sind ein Kunstwerk von mir zu kaufen! Vielen Dank

  • #2

    Lee Stembrite (Samstag, 11 April 2015 04:06)

    This is such lovely work!! I've enjoyed viewing your Art very much.... it is always nice to see the work of other visual Artists, especially painters around the world. I am teased almost into purchasing one of your beautiful Paintings....Especially "FELLINIS DREAM 1", however I am not wealthy and do not know the money exchange rate into USA $ dollars Sehr Gut... Es gefallt mir grossartig!! Danka Lee

  • #3

    Vlado Franjević (Samstag, 11 April 2015 07:58)

    Dear Lee Stembrite,
    thank you very, very much for your lovely comment. I'm deeply touched... :) May I please know how did you find this my site? Did you find me first on Facebook or you found first this site and after that you commented on my Facebook site? Thanks one more time and many greetings from the Principality Liechtenstein.

  • #4

    Lee Stembrite (Montag, 13 April 2015 00:42)

    I found you first from the Million Trees site that Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon, Posted as he wanted everyone to plant a tree or plant for his Birthday. I found you there and then followed your links to your lovely Artwork!!!!

  • #5

    Vlado Franjević (Montag, 13 April 2015 09:23)

    :) great! love to know how informations vibrate in the space... thanks