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I was educated as a painter. I paint with oil and acrylic and use also other techics like mixed technic, wall objects, plastics, land art / installations and so on...

Ich wurde als Maler ausgebildet. Ich male mit Öl- und Acrylfarben und drucke mich in anderen Techniken wie Mischtechniken, Wandobjekten, Plastiken, Landart / Installationen, aus. 

 Po edukaciji sam slikar. Slikam uglavnom uljem i akrilom a izražavam se i drugim tehnikama: miješane tehnike, zidni objekti, plastike, instalacije, land arte rad u procesu i progresu, i dr.

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    Vlado Franjevic (Freitag, 03 Oktober 2008 16:47)

    Please feel free to comment my artworks! Thank You

    Willkommen bitte meine Kunstwerke zu kommentieren! Danke

    Komentirajte, hvalite i kudite moje likovne radove. Hvala

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    Jette (Montag, 06 Oktober 2008 08:13)

    I like your couple a lot. You have a lot of feeling there Vlado. Your use of color is alive. Makes you want to go there

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    Vlado Franjevic (Montag, 06 Oktober 2008 11:31)

    :) my dear Jette, thank You so much for Your compliments

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    Claudia Platz (Mittwoch, 05 November 2008 21:15)

    I am deeply empressed...the coulors are very fantastic. I like it.

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    Claudia Platz (Mittwoch, 05 November 2008 21:17)

    ich meinte natürlich beeindruckt (impressed).

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    vlado franjevic - all around artist (Mittwoch, 05 November 2008 21:25)

    Dear Claudia, thank You so much! Your compliments mean very much to me!
    :) Ich habe Dich richtig verstanden... Kein Problem!