4 corners 3 people

In 2000 I realized 4.20 min long video with 29 persons who tell my short poem in 32 languages. A simple solution of coming together! Something small, simple, very interesting. I didn't really know this in that time when I made the video, but now I believe, I gave people a good feeling - they said in theirs native languages my verses:

"4 corners 3 people 3 people filled 4 corners!" (Video)

On May 17th, 2001 this video was shown for the 1st time in the gallery Artestade, FL-Vaduz and later in 2002 in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Here the names of wonderful people, the participants in this project:


Jacinto Arvelos (Portugues); Mounir Bejaoui (Arabic);
Sergio de Matos Cunha (Ronga - Mosambique); John Donkor (Fante & Hausa - Ghana); Miran Donoša (Slovenian); Eva Egle (Slovakian & Chech); Taina (Franjević) Heeb (Croatian); Miguel Göpel (Spanish); Yvonne Heeb (German); Birgitta Jarby (Denish); 
Wendelin Kapeller (Italian); Enver Köysürenbars (Kurdi)

Daniela Manneh (Retoroman - Switzerland); Ousman Vince Manneh (Mandinka - Gambia); Georgios Manoglou (Greek); Dakoru Monday (Igbo - Nigeria); Dolgar Mönkangsar (Tibetian); Shivendra Nath (Hindi); Cem Neseli (Turkish); Van Hai Nguyen (Vietnamese & Laotian); Memethaki Nuhiji (Albanian); Rasmus Olavson (Swedish); May Ospelt - Macpherson (English); Wieslaw Piechocki (Polnish); Airi Sabljo (Finish); Georg Seo (Japanese); Nathalie Victoriano (French); Suwarno Wisetrotomo (Bahasa Indonesian)

Comments of my (online) friends and a friend from reality to this video: 

Ceris Dien

:) And it works!
Vlado Franjević
it works? :) what do you mean with this please?
Ceris Dien
If you say "Four corners, three people, three people filled four corners!" it makes you feel good! At least it does for me, I just tried it :)
Vlado Franjević
hehehe, of course, you are right! thanks...
Jette van der Lende
I like your prosject, Vlado. Just wonder why you did not use my norwegian translation. (and why does my photo has "Notes" under the name? (Not important just wonder)
Vlado Franjević
dear Jette, it wasn't possible to use your norwegian translation because we didn't know each other in the time when I made this project :) that means, you (but also nobody else) made the translation of "4 corners 3 people" in norwegian! ok?
Essam Abu Awad
Four Corners, Three people, I think that each of us will think of filling the fourth corner. You have given us a chance to be part of it. Sharing and Engaging.
Vlado Franjević
I don't find anymore my video! I wanted upload it on YT but somehow I forgot where is this short and very interessting movie
José Cortes
wonderful ♥

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