KSisters - Just friends of mine

This is a story about a great friendship! On the geo-cultural relation between Croatia - Principality Liechtenstein - India!

With the time, I really believe, I have talents to connect the people and really LOVE to promote all kinds of GOOD in people from all over the world! 


I had this luck to travel a lot around the globe and met so much lovely people from different cultures. I felt everywhere fine enough. OK, this is for sure because real friends waited always for me... there! But, this friends you have to "earn" somehow. I asked often myself what happened and how I "earned" them?! And then I remembered again my grand parents! They gave me so much good in my childhood that no one badness of this material world can stop me to believe in 

the good of people... If you deal correct... If you're thankful... If you stop to think or believe you're better then somebody else!


I am here and now inspired to write about friendship(s) and also about the love, because of this nice video you see here above! These beautiful Indian girls I met early this year in their home in New Delhi! Yes, this is true! 

I spent a short time with their parents (dad Vivek + mama Monica) and them, short before I went to Pilani. (There I participated in an international Art Meeting). I'll never forget privat dancing

time in the circle of this beautiful family and also time when

I painted with one of both here very talented girls!    

Vlado Franjevic with KSISTERS in New Dehli, 11.2.2017
Vlado Franjevic with KSISTERS in New Dehli, 11.2.2017

What a great reminds!


O yes, this world could be for sure much better place if we could just care a little bit more about friendships! And if we meet other people with open hearts and more respect! 


When I watch this girls now and their wonderful idea to make something good and share their ideas with the public, then I see, we're here because of same mission: never forget to share our knowledge and good vibrations with other people...


We just had more luck to get more positive energy from a great universal space... Dear KSISTERS (cooking) let's continue this beautiful way of living!


I am so much thankful to know you in person!

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