Dear ladies and gents... We all know, these are lot of very sad stories which we get to know from all over the world... Every single day from every possible site we are bombed with stupidness and bad news! No one human being can really absorb all sadness of this world... And with best wishes we can do just a little... Very, very little... Because the nearest to the top of the Pyramid let us to be sure: a) we can make nothing; b) killing the life on the earth is good!   


Here I want to tell you one sad but also interesting story and would love ask you to help, support in a (financial) way if you can... Or with promoting of this story with the goal, we all together help here and now!   


As you maybe know, I work in Liechtenstein National Museum. Most what I love at my work is to meet there people from all over the world. With some of guests is possible to do a small talk... Of course, it's always interesting to me, to meet people there speaking native languages as my own, Croatian, or maybe Serbian, Bosnian... We understand each other very good of course. I mean, everyone who wants to understand next one, find a good way to do so...  


Once I met in our museum also Belma Islamović. When I met her and her family (it was I thing early springtime 2016) I knew nothing about her fate. On May, 24th I got via Facebook following Belmas message:


"Hi Vlado... I found your business card and tried to find you on FB. I don't know if you remember me but you gave your business card to me, my sister and her husband. And so, because I found you here, I just wanted to say hello and send you greetings from Dallas."   


After a long time as she sent me her message (I found it during the realization of SPIRAL-CHANNELS project issue in Germany) I answered:


"Oh, I am sorry because I found your message just now. It's nice you gave me a sign from you... Many greetings and best wishes... at the moment, from Germany."




On October 19th I got following message from Belma:


"Great news our crowdfunding site for our film FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE is up and running! Please visit our site to contribute to our film! Thank you for your continued support in our journey to tell Belma's story!"  


FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE: At 19, Belma lost both of her arms in a bombing during the Bosnian war. After years of living in the depths of depression and despair, she was inspired to forgive the bombers. This is a story about the tragedy of war, loss, and the healing power of forgiveness. It's an inspiration to us all. http://seedandspark.com/


This story and video and also the fact that I met once the main "actress" also in person, at my work, moved me emotional very much!


I asked Belma if I may promote her story in a way I think is good enough and she said, I am free to do so, because she believes me 100%!  


I just hope now I move with this story also some of my friends and followers all over the globe and that they help me to promote this story so good they just can, or, if they are in the position, to support the project financial! I am thankful so much in advance and wish Belma Islamović and her family all the best and hope she'll rich with her project, this what she dreams about!

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