Vlado Franjević – Member of UDA Directors Board

On the Webseite of United Designs Alliance (UDA) we can find following informations about the Alliance and its goals and vision:


„United Design Alliance (UDA) is a Global Alliance of Visual Communication Design educators, practitioners and students. 


UDA established as an international design exhibition since year 2004. The exhibition seeks to establish an international visual communication design and education network, and to understand distinctive design collections and exchange ideas on visual communication design practice, education and culture. As an initiative, United Designs seeks unique approaches by designers from around the world. It does not look at restrictions as a barrier for creativity but as an opportunity for bringing creativity to the intellectual level.

Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi, Vlado Franjević and Liu Xuguang
Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi, Vlado Franjević and Liu Xuguang

United Designs (UD) was first organized by Albert Inyoung Choi, PhD from Hanyang University (Korea) in 2004 and 2005. In 2007, United Designs was co-organized with Applied Science Private University (Jordan). In 2009, United Designs was organized with California State University (United States). In 2010, United Designs Collections was organized with Shanghai Normal University (China). In 2011, United Designs was organized with Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus). In 2013, United Designs was organized with University of Missouri St. Louis (USA). In 2014, it manifests as a Global Design Organization, United Designs Alliance.


UDA is a celebration of global awareness between education and profession in visual communication design. We, as cultural and visual cultivators, contribute our creativity to manifest the world culture. We, as educators and professionals, develop our identity to strengthen our profession. Most of all, we contribute and share our creativity without prejudice against religion, race, sex, color, culture, convention, education, social status, nationality, and history.“

Vlado Franjević from the Principality Liechtenstein, born 1963 in Croatia, is connected to UDA leaders since his participation in the 1st Symposio Design in Amman, Jordan 2006. And now, after his participation in 7th United Designs exhibition, and as a keynote speaker in 3rd Global Visual Culture Symposium in Shanghai, China (middle of december 2014) he was invited by Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi, professor at the Hanyang University and founder of the UDA to be a part of the UDA directors board!   


"At the beginning of the United Designs Alliance, we believed it will developed as a prolific communicator for designers and educators in the world. All directors are unified and different but we all believe same. Therefore, UDA invited Vlado Franjević because we valued highly on his willingness to contribute his talent and experience to his living boundary and the world" Prof. Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi said. 

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    Mohamed abou elwafa (Sonntag, 01 März 2015 22:34)

    Great work and always in success

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    Vlado Franjević (Montag, 02 März 2015 08:15)

    dear Mohamed, thanks so much for your comment and wish! greetings and all the best