Author: Vlado Franjević

Place of realisation: Vukovar (parc behind the castle Eltz)

Time: 6.-12.5.2011 as a part of the international art colony in the organisation of SUI/WAG (WORLD ART GAMES)

 Working theme of the 5th Spiral channel: IF I WERE CROATIA... (IN VUKOVAR)


After his working prozesses in Estonia („Isolation“), Serbia („If I were Serbia...“, Bosnia and Herzegowina („Magie of Una's Water. Silence please!“) and Principality of Liechtenstein („Magie des Wassers“), btw. realisation of first four SPIRAL CHANNELS Vlado started the preparation for an action in *Vukovar, with the theme "If I were Croatia... (in Vukovar)"! Everyone is invited to send own contribution and so participate in this project! 


How participate?


Send one of both of following:

a)    Written message in own native tongue and to the working theme/topic like „If I were Croatia... (in Vukovar)“ which has no more then 20-25 words. Same message translate also in correct english and german. or if not both of these then please for sure in english!

b)    A graphic, drawing, photography, painting which was made ONLY because of the working theme. Contribution send please in a digital form and in JPEG (size: A5 or A4 with 300 pix). If You prefere also to send an original made by yourself which will be presented in Vukovar and stay there in the museum of WAG as Your gift to the city and museum, You can do also that. Please ask me in the case like this to send You a postal address for the sending of Your work. THANK YOU   


Contributions might/must be of humanitarian, society-critically, socially, artisticly and culturally, visionary... character. Contributions which should support and promote maybe the intolerance and hostility against diferent nations, religion or race will not be accepted. 



Contributions will be presented and published just if the real names of authors can also be published. One should send its correct postal address, e-mail address, internet address. (Nothing of all will be made public or sent to second or third persons. But internet address can be published if the author has nothing against that and understand it as own promotion.) 


Contributions will be:

a)    or just presented in Vukovar in a digital form 

b)    or presented in Vukovar in a digital form and in one album which will content a collection of printed textile pieces with the motives of your sent pictures or with your messages. 

c)    published in internet (what will be an special promotion of all authors and theirs contributions.) 


 Please send Your contributions to vaduz9490@gmail.com with the subject "Vukovar 2011". All contributions have to be sent untill the April, 20th, 2011.




*Vukovar = Vukovar is Croatian city on the boarder to Serbia, in the part  of Croatia called East Slawonia. The battle for Vukovar was most bloody battle in the Croatian homeland war. It was 87 days long siege from august to november 1991. The siege was ended with the defeat of Croatian soldiers and with a big destroying of the town and many murders and persecutions of Croatian folk. In that battle died between 2.900 and 3.600 people. Since 1998 is Vukovar again under the controll of the Republic Croatia. 




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