Ahmed Bassiouni
Ahmed Bassiouni

With the Fine Artist Mohamed Ibrahim Elmasry from Egypt I'm already many years in contact, we both are members of many social and artist media platforms and 2008 we participated together on 3rd Beijing International Fine Arts Biennale where we met and exchanged a few words... Today morning I found this message with his signature in my incoming box:




I want to tell the story of the world and have to work that does not repeat this never - please help


Dear every one, I am Mohamed EL Masry Fine artist and photographer From Cairo -  many Persons here know my personally, certainly know about the The news in Cairo, the revolution and the excessive use of peaceful demonstrators. Fired tear gas and rubber bullets and live bullets at demonstrators in the heart of the city and everywhere. We have lost friends and many others were injured, but on the road to freedom tolerate. But you will not forget he lost his life because of his ideas,Who walked in the street to record the event and expressed his thoughts in peace to die on the way to freedom.
I want to help to spread the story in the world and help in calculating the killers

My friend Ahmed Bassiouni died on January 28, the fourth day of major anti-government demonstrations in the current Egyptian uprising, born in Cairo in 1978, Sound, Visual Artist and musician, teacher assistant in faculty of Art Education, Painting and Drawing department, Helwan University, Ahmed was until his death very active in the arts in Egypt and the world. Bought a mask for protection and camera and went to the demonstrations returned on January 27... at 12:09 AM‬ and wrote on FB:
The national security forces have beaten me severely in (es3af) area today. This will not stop me from going down again tomorrow to protest, they wanted it to turn in to war, we wanted to keep it peaceful, trying to win back any of our dignity. I’m still holding strong to expressing my self politely

The next day Ahmed disappeared in the the demonstrations which are treated harshly by the security, Ahmed Mobile were found only a search did not produce anything. After five days, found in a far hospital. He was choked gas and rubber bullets wounded with fractures also. This was the fate of those who say his ideas here.
I want to tell the story of the world and have to work that does not repeat this never - please help! Ahmed was 32-year-old father of two children




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    Dahlia Refaat (Mittwoch, 09 Februar 2011 03:15)

    we will never forget'm. his death will mark our generation...

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    Magdy (Mittwoch, 09 Februar 2011 23:22)

    What a senseless loss!