TOGETHER - our exhibition in France

My wife Rajka and I exhibited together our artworks the first time in the public, outside of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Place of the happening: Showroom of the municipality Eze (Salle de Municipale d' Exposition), Eze village, French Riviera (about half of the distance between the Principality of Monaco and Nice). Exhibition duration: 26. - 31.7.2010. Exhibition opening: 26.7. from 18.00 to 20,00 o'clock. Here a note over it… perhaps with somewhat more report with the character of journey than purely journalism.


In the smallest Toyota of the world named Aygo, fully loaded with pictures and drawings I started courageously and decided my trip direction the south. One day before the exhibition opening. In a new adventure named - exhibition of mine and our painted "trouble" and of other "more or less important potpourri Sammelsurium"! Duly and problem-free I came to the goal. Nevertheless, that the whole time of my trip the certain "feeling of debt" pushed me down. And the feeling of the unfairness - I left my dearest in Liechtenstein and leaved them "the grace and disgrace of the fate of the every day life" resisting I exercised further "running after the golden calf".

Without problems, surely, and in intended time I came to mansion of my friends, family Krunić in Eze. To a short break, I went getting the keys of the gallery and of municipality poster cases. And I brought our artworks into the gallery. It is situated in a small, beautiful, old town. To the gallery one comes so that one drives with the car up to the walls of old town entrance, if one is no usual tourist but has something settle there. And then, then one "creeps" upward. Many stony and sharpened staircases. Upward.


First I did not know how to open the gallery door. In the neighbourhood is however the studio of David Revel, an artist colleague, who stood for me immediately to the assistance. I have the feeling, we are now friends, or at least, good fellows. Despite our difficult verbal Conversation. I learned many years ago French at school, had it however never practiced to speak.


To the opening of exhibition did not come too many guests, although that Patrick, the director of tourism office sent information about the exhibition, and the invitation at many addresses. Likewise to the addresses of the press and other informative media. Some of these media reported of our exhibition, therefore, thanks very much. Beside our friends and aides Boris and Fabien Krunic at the opening were also the Mrs. Céline Zambon, which is the municipality-cultural assigned, and also one lady of tourism office and a man who is today responsible between others as a local council for the civil defence, and in the war in Croatia, he was an UN soldier. Therefore he could express two-three words in Croatian.

On the next day one Danish woman, from the group of my first guests in the gallery, bought almost one Rajkas picture. From Rajka were exhibited „the erotic moments“. Until the end of the exhibition I had guests from different countries. Beside France there were Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Venezuela, etc.… Most exciting moments for me were when young Belgians showed a large interest at what we exhibited. As also short telling of a young man from Venezuela such as Croatia is a beautiful country. Likewise the love of his friend for my old drawing, on whom is ours already long ended cow Sharova represented with the pencil relatively realistically.


I returned to Liechtenstein with the result - a positive zero! My deceased grandfather would however rather call such a result: „not into the ass and also not beside it“. It was positive for me that I also this time was supported by good people and by the cultural foundation Liechtenstein. Because these recognized maybe also a small piece of the good in our works and our will?


Gladly I remember this short time in Eze. Because after a longer break I could paint again. From the Boris studio balkony I looked the old small town Eze, which lies in the distance of the Boris home, perhaps 200 meters airline and, I painted it. On a canvas, in the size of 120x90 cm. My wife is only one, of some, which is surprised why I not further and repeatedly paint in such a way. Because, like that it is better recognizably that I know, what I do, it means - what I paint!

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